Sconnie Beer

Sconnie Beer was re-created in 2017 by the folks from Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.
Sconnie Ale, Sconnie Light, Sconnie Hazy Hop, Sconnie Smash, Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer & Sconnie Prized Pear Seltzer are available in 12oz. cans!
Where can you find Sconnie Beer?  Check out the list of establishments that currently offer our beer.

REMEMBER: Beer needs to be kept COLD, always store your beer in the fridge.
                         No one’s garage/basement/pantry stays at 40 degrees year round.

Sconnie Ale Sconnie Ale

Sconnie Ale

A smooth golden ale brewed by Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. It’s a microbrew, but it’s very easy drinking.

Sconnie Light Sconnie Light

Sconnie Light

In Wisconsin we pride ourselves, beer & more beer! What more can we say? It's a clean & crisp light beer with only 118 calories.

Sconnie Smash Sconnie Smash

Sconnie Smash

A wonderful smash-up of Wisconsin sweet cherries, tart cherries & cranberries. This perfectly balanced brew is light & sweet with a vibrant bright red color.

Sconnie Hazy Hop Sconnie Hazy Hop

Sconnie Hazy Hop

Sconnie Hop is a juicy, hazy (unfiltered) IPA, packed with the aroma of tropical fruit, citrus & pine. This brew has big citrus flavor & looks like orange juice; it’s a flavorful hoppy beer, but without the usual hop bitterness this finishes smooth!

Sconnie Prized Pear Seltzer Sconnie Prized Pear Seltzer

Sconnie Prized Pear Seltzer

The perfect light pear flavor for a refreshing drink! Our low calorie seltzer is less sweet & less filling than traditional beer.

Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer

Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer

If you love the Sconnie Smash, try our new Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer it’s lower in calories/carbs with a great, light fruit flavor.